Come sail with me………on a tanker?

November 7, 2008


I just saw this image on ecogeek.  This is the marine world’s answer to the hybrid electric car.  Solar Sailor, an Australian company, develops Hybrid Marine Power technologies that harness the power of sun and wind to help power ships along the ocean!  There is something very “holistic” about this integration of natural forces with person-made technologies…..


FIATs are going Green……

November 3, 2008

One of my first cars was a FIAT 125; basically it was a square box that had surprisingly good handling, ample head room and fully reclinable seats.  It had other surprising features too, such as an embedded map reading light in the rear-view mirror; so well-concealed in fact that it took me six months to discover it. 

FIAT has now added a nice new feature in their FIAT 500 and Grande Punto series by collaborating with Microsoft to create their ecoDrive system.  The system enables the driver to analyze his or her driving habits in order to improve efficiency. 

You can view the original article here.

Will the trees save us?

October 29, 2008

We’ve all heard of saving the trees but could it be that the trees will save us?  If Solarbotanics are on the right track, it might well be that we will soon be using artificial trees as a way of harnessing sun, wind and rain to produce electricity. 

Using the concept of Biomimicry, Solarbotanics are creating artificial trees with Nanoleaf technology that enables radiation from the sun and movement from the wind to be converted into electricity.  The company claims that an average tree with a canopy of 6 sq meters can create enough energy to power the needs of an average household.

Electric Car – the way of the future?

October 28, 2008

Is the electric car the way of the future?  Well, Australia seems to think so.  Last week,  Better Place along with its partners AGL and Maquarie Capital, announced a plan to build a one-billion-dollar charging network to power electric cars in Australia.

Better Place announced similar agreements with Israel and Denmark earlier this year.  The company’s goal is to deploy  electric vehicle support networks around the world and sell access to the grid using models similar to those that mobile phone companies use to sell service contracts.

What do you think?  Will it work?

An Immediate Solution

October 27, 2008

There is much talk about the energy crisis and how we will meet ongoing energy demands; yet there is a solution – at least in the transportation sector – that is readily at hand, actionable and highly practical.  Whilst replacing existing vehicles with a fleet of new hybrid electric vehicles is still many years away, retrofitting existing conventional vehicles, especialy large SUVs, to electric or hybrid electric power is readily doable, given Axion Power’s new pbC technology. 

AXION’s advanced technology piggybacks on existing conventional lead-acid technology, yet results in:

· much higher power delivery levels

· 10X faster recharging rates

· 3X-4X longer battery life

· 95 % recyclability

· Significant weight reduction

· No need for maintenance

 By using established manufacturing, the Axion advanced batteries could, easily and quickly, be brought into mass production and used to retrofit existing vehicles, making them much cheaper to run and providing an incentive for the beginnings of a nationwide electrical-vehicle infrastructure, which will be a key factor if there is to be widescale movement toward the the new technology.  Axion’s  Advanced PbC™ batteries are already proven safe, cost-effective and 95% recyclable.


October 23, 2008

Welcome to the first Infovest post!  My aim here will be to keep an eye on developments within the Green Tech sector and to try to draw connections among some of the different voices talking within this space.  As an initial disclosure, i would like to state that i work for an Investor Relations company and am begining to experiment with blogging as a vehicle for helping some of our clients (most of whom hold innovative IP patents) to become better known among the investment community as well as by the public at large.